I have been in the IT field for about ten years as a freelancer and subcontractor - with 4 or 5 corporate clients (contractual obligations do not allow me to disclose identities) and numerous other smaller clients. As well as undertaking many web, graphic, administration, research, presentation and related jobs myself, I have recently identified that there are many graphic designers and design professionals experienced in traditional mediums who don't have web skills, but are excellent conceptual thinkers with solid graphic skills. I liaise with these designers and take their static work - tif, psd, jpeg, etc. and design cues, and create professional websites or internet based graphic media. I offer solid web advice at design time to ensure that what they create is suitable for web display and I can work with it well to seamlessly ensure a 'production line' process. I can arrange hosting, domain registration and email setup on their behalf. I advise and manage the entire web design process, from conceptualisation and copywriting, right through to end-user deployment.

Some of the services I offer are as follows:

Web and graphic design

.php development, .html development, .css design, ecommerce, blogging and email newsletter technologies. Flash and animated gif creation. Basic Video editing. Logo and business card design - design through to print.
I code by hand and using Dreamweaver. I use Xara, Photoshop, Indesign, Flash and Freehand.

SEO and SEM (search engine optimisation and marketing) expertise

I optimise code, advise and copy and content, and develop strategies to market sites. I am happy to give you a fuller technical desciption if you require one. I have numerous clients that I only do SEO for.
I use my own knowledge and skills, coupled with WebCEO to monitor and develop strategy.
more detailed information

Internet and general computer services

I provide hosting, domain registration, email setup and ftp advice. Besides offering virtual services, I have comprehensive tech support skills in Hardware, Networking, all Microsoft products and numerous other fields.

Research and document preparation

I undertake market research, industry research and specific sphere research - eg. for tenders, proposals, business plans, etc.
This information is correlated, presented and integrated into the relevant documents needed. I also write copy for websites on request.

I also have vast secretarial, client liaison, sales and marketing, and office administration experience.

As a freelancer, I work from home - this gives me:

Obviously, as a subcontractor, I am not at liberty to publically display my involvement in many of the projects I am involved in. Thus this website is just a small section of my work displayed.
You are welcome to contact any of the references mentioned here to get other opinions of my professional capabilities. You will notice that I have been working for these clients for numerous years, and have strong, trusting business relationship with them.

My rates are variable, depending on the technical aspects of the job involved and the relative difficulty. As a rough rule of thumb, my rate is R200.00 per hour. please bear in mind that I work extremely fast, as I am experienced at what I do. Mostly I will quote you on 'time-to-be-taken' ballpark before I undertake the project and stick to that. For the first job I undertake for you, I require a 50% deposit upfront, thereafter I am happy to work on a thirty day basis from completion and submission of the job. I am quite happy to sign any Non-disclosure agreements you may have in mind. You pay me directly, your client does not have to know I exist.

I am not looking for once off jobs, I am looking to build a mutually beneficial, continuing relationship with people who are as professionally motivated as I am. I produce top class work and would expect to supplied with top class material to work with.

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