Urban Chic Boutique Hotel

Urban Chic Boutique Hotel is a funky, contemporary hotel in Long Street, Cape Town. I reskinned and updated their old website with a new feel. Running on a proprietary back end, I rewrote the front end code and cleaned up the installation.
Forms and booking engines were integrated and updated.

September 2009 - Wishing to optimise their site to improve SE rankings and move away from their old limited CMS, I have completely redesigned this website from the ground up for Urban Chic Boutique Hotel Cape Town. Utilising a MODX CMS, I created new templates and functionality, bringing the aging and creaky backend into the 21st Century. Please have a look at the new site to fully appreciate how it has improved. Urban Chic have also moved all of their hosting and web connectivity supply needs to Anodyne.

Without entering into a medium or long term SEO contract, I have optimised the site for various keywords. This effort is purely on-page and proves that link building is not the be all and end all of SEO. Check the current ranking for targetted "boutique hotel cape town" in google or bing. Both show placements in the top ten search results (global, not just within RSA) within two weeks of the redevelopment.


Urban Chic Boutique Hotel Cape Town website
Urban chic boutique hotel long street