Search engine placement, optimisation and Web marketing

When publishing your creativity to the internet, uploading a site is only 50% of the task. Without intensive:
1. Optimisation of your site's code to ensure 'search engine friendly' code;
2. Optimisation of your site's keywords and content to compliment your intended search terms and target audience expectations;
3. Submission to relevant search engines;
4. Utilization of other methods, such as link purchasing, CPA ads, banner placement, link swapping, advert placement and email marketing;
your prospective target market won't know you exist!

I offer all of my clients a tailor made service to ensure they are visible on the web.
Besides site optimization and submission to over 800 search engines, I constantly monitor and adjust the site content to ensure longevity of their public listing. I email them a monthly report, showing the ranking of their chosen keywords among the relevant search engines. I monitor the webserver logs to see where their traffic comes from, which pages are most popular, and how to better funnel traffic into and out of their site. GoogleAdsense integration also provides passive income and analysis features.

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Technologies utilised

Steps in a typical SEO project I would undertake:

1. Pre-SEO analysis and generation of qualitative report
Analyze client's business; industry; competition; target market; SEO, SEM and web marketing goals; and budget. Set benchmarks for later performance analysis.
Without a thorough understanding of what the client realistically wants to achieve and the business background, meaningful SEO and SEM is difficult. Determining the client's strengths and weaknesses in that relevant industry helps service or product placement immensely, and as SEO is ultimately pure placement, this is vital.

Then either ::

2a). Analyze current web site:



Current rankings, keyword popularity, site placement, age of site, link backs, etc.

Report back to client


2b). Assist and consult on project development
I would consult of all aspects mentioned previously in 2a), assisting with, edit or consult on, copy and content preparation

3. Resubmission or initial submission of completed project to search engines
Once the project is finalized and goes live, I undertake an intensive submission process - +300 search engines. A disposable email account is set up to confirm submissions and to shield client from spam. A site map (eg. sitemap.xml) is submitted and linked to the index page. Often updating the timestamp and content on this will bring more immediate results than updating and resubmitting individual pages.

4. Additional methods of promotion:

CPA methods

Organic backlinking and exposure - the free stuff!

A note on the dreaded 'SANDBOX' for new sites

Many industry professionals are of the opinion that search engine delay a proper listing of a site for a (varying) time before listing. I have experienced this on a first hand basis - often seeing delays of 1-3 months. Methods to ensure that the client gets hits immediately once a site goes live can include:

5. Periodical analysis and presentation to client - recurring services

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