promotional emails

Creating promotional emails is far more intricate than is thought at first glance! Making sure that the email displays as intended in as many email clients and browsers necessitates meticulous testing. All of these promo's display as intended in Opera, Firefox, IE, Outlook, Safari, Konqueror, Outlook Express, Netscape, and many other clients. Please click individual screenshots to open the original html file.

Promotional email for Invest in property 82 (Pty) Ltd. All subdivisions were sold within two weeks of this email being sent out. No other marketing was done.
First email promo for MJEventGear. Received almost twice as many return hits to their site as emails sent out - many people forwarded it to friends. One of my favourite spoofs!
Mock seed packet, designed to attract new clientele. Very successful, with many personal emails to MJ, complimenting the design.
Email to promote MJ's latest acquisition, the Digispot lighting rig, contains a link to play a video showing the rig in action
Due to the immense demand to view the rig in person, a follow up email with an online RSVP form was created to co-ordinate bookings for prospective clients
MJEventGear 'Weakest link' promotion
MJ Christmas 2006 promotion
Fat Albert's Restaurant promotional email

Technologies utilised