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Issue 11 - March/April 2007

Life is sweet

Peroni Nastro Azzurro has been all over the media lately as they launch this premium beer into the country. MJ Event Gear took part in this fantastic experiential campaign which included a tour around the country screening films outdoors to a very select few.

MJ Event Gear was contracted by Daniel Kahn, the national Brand and Development Manager from South African Breweries to create an outdoor cinema Experience for VIP guests around the country. Mike Jones, Managing Director of MJ Event Gear, designed a three legged Euro Truss ground support system kitted out with a 4 x 3 screen and projector, audio and intelligent lighting fitted with custom gobos, maximising Peroni brand awareness. Over the past five months, this compact outdoor system travelled around the country. With four shows held per month (weather depending), Peroni's selected guests in Cape Town, Durban, Bloemfontein and Johannesburg were treated to a night to be remembered.

Some like it hot... in the heat of the moment

The unveiling of a geyser may be unexpected, but that's just the way Swiss company Franke do things. Franke launched their first South African based geyser warehouse in Midrand, which revealed the quality, innovation and style users have become accustomed to when purchasing this brand.

Over four days, an audience of architects, plumbers, builders, interior designers and major wholesale outlets, were invited to Experience Franke's hottest geysers first hand. Held at their premises, the warehouse was draped in white, with MAC 2000s and parcans on Euro Truss setting the mood and Nexo catering for sound. Each session started at 16h30, which required two G5 projectors being piggy backed to contend with the afternoon light.

Concealed behind curtains, four different displays were exposed, portraying kitchen and sanitary applications, and of course, the new range of geysers. Franke have designed certain stainless steel geysers with the intension that they be exposed and not hidden away in the ceiling. Tranquil sounds of the Black Tie Ensemble smartly rounded off the elaborate event, which was co-ordinated by SynerG Marketing and Events and Vaughn Marti from MJ Event Gear.

"Knowledge and human power are synonymous, since the ignorance of the cause frustrates the effect"
Francis Bacon

It is no secret that a large portion of people involved in the entertainment industry have no certified training in their field, but with passion, dedication and long hours very soon learn the ropes.
At MJ Event Gear we would like to change this, and with a new Skills Development Programme, hope to further equip our staff with the necessary education to motivate them to new heights. “We have taken the approach of training from the bottom up in order for staff within the company to become eligible for new positions that may arise,” commented Dale Strydom, Operations Manager, who is involved in the project. “We are concerned with education on all levels and covering all aspects with the ultimate goal to assist them on an organisational, occupational and personal level.”

To accomplish this exciting mission, and due to a lack of formal training available in the South African industry, senior MJ crew will be sent on mentoring and coaching courses to increase their ability to transfer skills and knowledge to their colleagues.

Welcome Aboard

They say a change is as good as a holiday.
Sean Potgieter, our new Warehouse Manager, previously worked for a Safari company, ferrying tourists about to show them our beautiful country. With his bubbly nature and dedication, it brings us pleasure to welcome Sean to the MJ team.

The sky's the limit for MJ - or even the moon?

MJ is proud to announce that they have joined forces with EnviroAd on one of THE highest profile projects of the decade. Approached by Dr John Maans to design a powerful lighting rig for use on a very special occassion - during the Soccer City World Cup Final, Mike Jones has completed his planning designs and hopes to begin construction of the unique rig in early 2008.

"When consulting my lunar calendar for 2010, I was surprised to see that we will have an exceptionally full moon on the night of the World Cup Final," says Dr Maans, "coupled with the high altitude of Johannesburg and solid local expertise, we have a distinct opportunity to project successfully onto the moon during the final game!"

Although the projection will only be viewable from the southern hemisphere, global television coverage will mean that up to 30 billion people could see the moon become a giant lunar football. While live video projection will not be possible, the score will be beamed statically for 5 seconds at 5 minute intervals. The rig could cost up to R19million, but interest from hopeful advertisers has ensured the go-ahead on the ambitious plan. The feeling is that nobody would miss an out-of-this-world opportunity like this.

     Everyone is holding thumbs for clear skies on the 11 July 2010! 
Technical specs:
The lamphouse on top of the projector will utilize two 150,000-watt liquid-cooled, short-arc xenon lamps. The lamps weigh 60 kilograms each, and are nearly three metres in length. Costing more than R125 000 each, the lamps have a life expectancy of only about 12 hours of operation. Because of the extreme high-pressure xenon gas inside the quartz glass envelope of the lamp, the MJ projectionist team must wear ballistic safety gear when changing a lamp. If dropped, the xenon lamp would explode with the destructive force of a hand grenade. The lamp has a light output of approximately 6000000 lumens.
A large area at NASREC has already been booked to house the projector and the control room, including space for a special ultrasonic device that will be used to scare off any birds that may fly too near the high intensity beam. Air traffic will also have to be diverted away from the area during the projection.

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