Here are a few examples of newsletters that I have done. Some of my work includes copy, images, layout and design - and liasing with the relevant employee to get images and copy.

Care is taken to bundle images and css with the file, to ensure visual impact when delivered to the end user. File size is optimised to create a balance between high quality and bandwidth utilisation. Special attention must also be placed on the software that is used for bulk mailing - different clients treat html and css differently, so it is sometimes a challenge to ensure a standardised 'lowest common denominator' end product. Support regarding distribution of the bulk email is also provided if necessary.

Sunshine Newsletter
November 2008 newsletter for the Sunshine Association.
Two versions are made - a thinned out/read more vwersion that is emailed, and another full info version that is hosted on the webserver.

Bambienti Bamboo
Undertaken via freelance work on peopleperhour for Bambienti Bamboo - a UK based green furniture manufacturing company.

seventh sense newsletter
Undertaken on behalf of Mindfield Design for Mindfield is responsible for the design, I converted to an html email ready file

April 2007 - includes my own hilarious (company sanctioned)
April Fool's joke (Over 16000+ clicks through from a database of 2500 email addresses)

January 2007

October 2006

september 2006
September 2006

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