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Introducing the DigitalSpot 5000DT


Designers have desperately been waiting for technology to catch up with their imaginations. At last this has happened and MJ Event Gear is happy to announce the acquisition of Robe DigitalSpot 5000DTs.

It is generally important to stay on top of the latest technology and especially so in an industry like ours! Again, we are happy to be the first company in Africa to launch a new product - expertly forecasting that the DigiSpots are the beginning of a new audio visual revolution.

The DigiSpot is not only a light, but also a projector – the first of its kind in Africa. This intelligent unit is an automated moving head, able to project fully manipulable live video or graphics.

technical spec 1 2 DigitalSpot 5000DT
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You upload video or graphics to the unit – let's make the material footage of a rain forest (for lack of a better subject). The DigitalSpot allows you to manipulate what you see -you could zoom in to have a close up of a tree, change the colours of the tree to red, instead of green, and change the focus.

Also keep in mind that the image of the tree is able to move around the room as a moving light would. The DigitalSpot 5000DT can store images, video, gobos or any material required, which gives it an edge for programming and effects. This lends to themed events, with graphics or video complimenting an occasion and making it personal.

To arrange a live demonstration at our premises (to truly Experience just how advanced the DigiSpot is) please feel free to contact Tamsyn on 011 326 2291 today!


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