Anodyne Freelance Web design, Graphic Design,
Hosting, SEO and Online Marketing

Whether you are in Texas, London or Perth, I can provide complete web and graphic design services, custom built to your specifications. Taking advantage of the favourable Rand-Foreign currency exchange rate, you will not find a better cost effective solution to your needs. I am available via telephone, fax and email 24/7.
Any domain registration and transfer process is undertaken - speedily and professionally at minimal cost. I also employ a team of specialists to assist me in all areas of web and application development - there is no project too large or too small for Anodyne to handle.

Contained in these pages is a brief overview of the some of the freelance digital, print and website design and work that I have spent time on over the last few years. I am passionate about it and proud of the results...

I tackle any project - while favouring the MODX CMS (example MODX site) at the moment, I am experienced in using Joomla, Wordpress, Ecommerce apps such as CRELoaded, OSCommerce, ZenCart, and Virtuemart, Mambo, NukeX, TourCMS, and many others. I also co-ordinate custom CMS development through my association with with other local and international web application and design freelancers.

Featured Portfolio Site of the moment::

Employing a freelance web designer means that you don't have to pay company overheads to get the best design for your money. I offer above industry standard web design, site optimisation, submission and marketing services at a reasonable freelance price. I give all of my clients a fully balanced, holistic and personal service - taking the time to understand their technical, business, market, budget and aesthetic needs.

I hope you enjoy browsing these websites as much as I have enjoyed creating them. I would love to hear what you think of my website design work and always welcome new clients - so if you have a moment, please send me a message from my contact page

and always remember...

"...when a marriage, a business, or a soccer team become a spiritual partnership, there is no limit to the creativity, love and spiritual growth that it can produce... its future limited only by the choices that the partners make."

If you are looking for an electronic copy of my complete printable CV to download and print, click here to be redirected.


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